House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has once again suffered another moment of mental lapse on live TV. Pelosi appeared to forget what President Donald Trump and Republicans did that prompted her to accuse them of being complicit in the death of George Floyd.

Nancy Pelosi was asked why she would not take back her claims, she immediately forgot what was in the Senate Republicans’ police reform bill that offended her, then, she could not even recall what president Trump did to draw her ire, saying, “Then, the president comes out with his – whatever it is, saying, uh, uh”…

About five seconds of her searching for words, Nancy Pelosi finally said that the issue of police using chokeholds was the Republicans’ offense. Pelosi is finally loosing her mind.

Conservative commentator Mark Levin recently Blasted House speaker Nancy Pelosi, he compared Pelosi’s lapse to those of former Vice President Joe Biden. Levin embedded video of Pelosi spacing out on-camera from a story by The Right Scoop calling attention to the House speaker’s brain freeze which is currently getting out of hands.

He was asked he noticed Nancy Pelosi having a Joe Biden moment on stage because It took her all of five seconds of thinking to come up with that ‘chokehold’ thing. He said he I thought Pelosi was going to pass out for a second.

Nancy Pelosi suffered her first mental lapse when she was reading from a letter she had sent to President Donald Trump earlier in the day expressing concerns about the increased militarization of law enforcement efforts in the Nation’s Capital amid the violent protests and riots ravaging the city. A protest she may have a hand in.

The House speaker reads from the letter, looks away from it for a second, then loses her train of thought and stutters, unable to collect her thoughts, until she refocuses on the letter.
Pelosi may be getting too old for her job, the earlier she is removed, the better for the whole Country.


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  1. I tell u what.That creepy lookin bag of demon jizz should be tried for treason and a whole list of other shit that i wont get into.But between her and joe the hair sniffin pedophile, this country is goin to hell in a handbasket. People have let these two assholes get away with shit for so long they think , and are ,getting away with everything. Are people fucking brainwashed or what? I dont understand it at all.I mean , joe biden is supposed to be ahead in the polls ?!!!!.WTF!!!!! Is this country mentally disabled? Look at Nancy the nutball. who in the hell does she think she is ?I would venture to guess that almost 98% of the mindless word drool that rolls out of her mouth is a complete and utter fucking lie. Dont believe me? Well watch fox news the only station thats not completely under the deep states control. i dont mean watch it for two minutes and turn the channel.I mean sit down and watch it day in and day out for as much as u can. See what u think about all this lying ass bullshit being told to people on a regular basis by all the other deep state controlled bunch of worthless pieces of dog crap.Then tell me Nutball and pedophile are fit for office .They are completely fuckin nuts. I apologize for the foul language but the dumbacrats deserve nothing less. If all they can do is tell lies then i should be able to say what I want whenever I want.Free speech, free speech,free speech!!!!!!!!

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