The Adventure of John Gabriel – the Search for Family (ep.2)

Mr Gab’s sis was married to a prominent hunter from the non royal family, only she knows where Mr Gab’s family are hiding, nobody else knows. The non royal family soldiers took her into custody and threatened to kill her and her unborn child if she didn’t give the where about of his brothers family, she had no option but to yield in other to save her self and her unborn child.

The torture process is a cruel one, they will cut out the baby from the mother’s womb with the bluntest of knives while she is still alive. That is the highest height of punishment any woman can take.

The hiding place of Mr Gab and his family was an old family barn in one of their barns. It was the height of the planting season so edible yams and crops are scarce. Mr Gab’s children didn’t eat anything before the attack which happened early in the morning, it’s now 9 pm in the evening and the children have had nothing to eat, while Mrs Deborah stayed back to watch the other children, Mr Gab took his son John Gabriel to the near by farm of another farmer who has not yet started planting to source for food.

The farm was a quarter mile away from Mr Gabs farm, they set up an left, on their way, they heard noises coming from afar, they hid to be sure of who or what was making the noise, the longer they wait the closer the noise appeared, John Gabriel told his father that they should run but the father insisted they stay calm and not give away their position, what ever is coming doesn’t know their where about only them know. To their relief, it was a group of women fleeing the war with all their kitchen utensils.

After the women passed, John Gabriel and his father continued their hunt for food, they reached the farm and found a barn full with yam, Mr Aboh the owner of the farm was hoarding his yams for the time of extreme scarcity so he can sell at high price. Mr Gab and John Gabriel took as many yams as they can Carry and headed back to their hideout. They moved as fast and quiet as possible to minimise getting noticed by the non royal soldiers.

As Mr Gab and his son got close to the hiding place, they discovered that so many things was out of place, the ban door was wide open, they where broken trees and branches everywhere, Mr Gab rushed into the barn, he couldn’t find either his wife or his tree children, it then downed on him that they have been taken by the Same people who attacked them earlier.

Mr Gab and his son John Gabriel called out to them but to no Avail. Different thoughts where running through Mr Gabs mind as he was searching and calling out his wife and children’s names, he was shocked at how the soldiers came to know their where about.

As Mr Gab was searching and calling, he saw a group of footsteps on the wet floor leading into the bushes, he quickly rushed inside the barn grabbed his machete grabbed his son John Gabriel and rushed in the direction of the footsteps. He was getting tired so he dropped John Gabriel and told him to follow him so he can catch up early. One kilometres into the chase they started hearing voices and screams from a quarter mile ahead of them, they reduced their pace to avoid getting noticed by the soldiers.

Mr Gab told his son John Gabriel to climb up a mango tree and wait for him to return, Mr Gab moved quietly towards the noise and discovered that it was a make shift camp of the non royal soldiers holding group of other Royals fleeing the war. Mr Gab searched for his family but couldn’t find them…. To be continued..

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