The Adventure of John Gabriel – the Rescue (ep.4

It’s finally time for the rescue mission, mr Gabriel and the rescued royals head into the Bush to the direction that was shown to him. It was not an easy walk, for they were hungry and tired, they continued trekking and heard noises coming from the bushes around them, they hid to ascertain the source and kind of noise, but it was just noise from gangs of monkeys chattering in the trees.

Mr Gab gave the go ahead and they continued their journey, its now five am, their cover is about to blow, the plan was to use the cover of darkness to make the rescue, but the camp is not yet in site. They hurried their steps, but it simms they have been walking in circles because they was no maps or compass.

They have walked for over 3 miles, and they stumbled on a clearing, it looks like people just left the area. There was smoke coming out of over 6 fire places, “is this the camp, says Mr Gabriel in his thoughts” for it looks freshly abandoned. They all snooped around to see any trace go sign that people where previously at the site.

Thankfully, one of the royals rescued by mr Gabriel was a very good tracker, he learned it from his late father who was a hunter. Mr Ameh the tracker took the initiative to lead the way, he saw footprint leading to the bushes, he looked at it and he deduced that it was over five hours old.

Mr Gab. Told mr Ameh to lead them into the bushes, so they will chase them down, but they all felt reluctant, for its only the living that can find the living, they are all hungry. The mango they ate earlier can only last long.

Mr Gab. Decided they should all rest and look for something to eat before they chase down the non royal guards who are with mr gabs family.

They all headed into the bushes to look for food, john Gab discovered wild cassava, but he couldn’t pull the edible root out so he called his father. the cassava was a Jack pot, they needed the energy to move on.

They all Brought bits back to the camp, some brought back ground nuts, palm fruits, the hunter’s son Brought back two rabbits which he said he caught pretty easily. They all ate and was set to head out. For this was their best chance to catch the non royal guards. But they will have to improvise on their earlier plan, its already dawn, its around 7:30 in the morning.

To be continued…

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