The Adventure of John Gabriel – ‘Escape and the struggle to survive'(ep.1)

There was a boy called John Gabriel, John Gabriel was the first of 4 children, he is loved by his mother and father and the whole village of Aliga

John Gabriel was a hard working boy who loved farming, he will follow his father to the farm which was miles away from their home. John Gabriel learnt how to farm yam, cassava, corn, beans, sweet potatoes, Okra, groundnut, and many other farm products.

John Gabriel father Mr. Gab was known for his farming skills, many farmers from the neighbouring villages will come to him to learn the latest farming techniques. Mr Gab was not only a farmer both also a teacher, he is the only educated farmer in the community, his love for farming made him stay in the village, he also rejected job offers from the big cities because of his love for farming and agriculture as a whole.

John Gabriel’s mother Mrs Deborah was the most beautiful woman in the community, she was loved by all. Many people will use her as example for their daughters because of her kind and loving nature. She was also the head teacher of the only Primary school in the community. Mrs Deborah was the favourite daughter of the wealthiest farmer in the region.

John Gabriel’s father and mother fell in love when John Gabriel father went to work for Mrs Deborah’s father, it was love at first site, it’s like they where made for Each other, they got married against all odds.

The village of Aliga was thrown into chaos when the War between the ruling and none ruling class was reawakened. There have been an age long struggle for power between the Royal and the none royal families. The hate that was building up over time turned into a bloody War.

This war led to the destruction of lives and properties of innocent villagers, the innocent people had no option but to flee, they scattered into the neighbouring villages with their lives and any little properties they Could Carry. The rest of their properties was left in ashes.

John Gabriel’s family was not excluded, they too had to run for their lives. The whole village was in flames, Mr Gab’s farms was targeted and destroyed because he was the face of the royal family and as one of the most popular member of the royal family, he was targeted the most.

John Gabriel became a man that day, the non royals came in huge numbers with weapons to send a message by maiming John Gabriel and his siblings, but he carried his sister who was 5, and brothers 3 and 1 year old to the family hide out while his father and mother try to distract the angry hoodlums. It was a perfect plan that worked for the moment.

Mr Gab and wife reunited with the children at the family hideout. While their home and properties was burnt to ashes, even the breakfast on fire burnt to ashes too. Because the family was about to eat before the attack started, they escaped with and empty stomach.

The hiding place was not really a hideout because few other in-laws from the other side of the divide sold them out…. Watch out for the continuation.

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