Brexit: Guy Verhofstadt confirms EU ‘will never accept’ Theresa May’s plan to hike tuition fees for European students as poverty looms

In a statement earlier today Guy said the European Union “will never accept” a move by Theresa May to raise tuition fees for EU students after Brexit, the European parliament’s Brexit chief has said.

Guy Verhofstadt said he would write to the prime minister following reports that EU students would be charged full international fees, instead of benefiting from the same rates as UK students as now.

“No way! Students mustn’t be victims of Brexit,” Mr Verhofstadt said. “I will write to PM May saying we will never accept this.”

The Brexit coordinator also said “nothing should change” around the Erasmus programme and added that “British students must be able to continue to study in the EU and European students in the UK, as they do now”.

The European parliament gets a veto over any trade agreements between the EU and other countries, meaning tuition fees could become a bargaining chip in any future trade talks if Mr Verhofstadt follows through on his threat and has support in the legislature.

Currently Domestic tuition fees at English universities are £9,250 a year – and EU students currently pay the same rate. But international tuition fees are completely unregulated and can be considerably higher, ranging from around £10,000 to £38,000 a year for top courses.

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