As the Corona virus pandemic continue to take its grim toll in countries around the world, reports from numerous news outlets are revealing that U.S. Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Wuhan, China, the apparent origin of the coronavirus outbreak just a month before the initial cluster of Corona virus cases was made known to the rest of the world.

These Reports suggested that Pelosi was engaged in “traitorous” activities related to “the virus release.” Maybe a plot to cripple president Trump’s government.

Nancy Pelosi’s website and social media accounts did not display, nor have been scrubbed off any mention or documentation of her having travelled to Wuhan during that timeframe. Maybe she did a great cover up or maybe she Truly didn’t travel.

The Foreign Travel Reports lodged with the House Clerk don’t record Pelosi’s making a trip to China during the fourth quarter of 2019. Nancy Pelosi was only known to have accompanied a Congressional delegation to Jordan, Afghanistan, and Qatar in mid-October 2019. And no contemporaneous news accounts in either the U.S. or China reported Pelosi’s having been in Wuhan China in November 2019.

Recent Tweets has seriously accused Pelosi of being “traitorous” and being involved in the release of the virus. The Tweets said, “the Enemy from Within!” ending in a series of hashtags, including “#StayAtHome” and “#ThesePeopleAreStupid.” It included a photo of Nancy Pelosi shaking hands with a Chinese official, with Chinese characters in the lower left corner like a TV station identifier.

Some Screenshots of the tweet has been shared more than 1,200 times because it looks more of truth than lie. The tweet was later deleted and it’s unclear how far it spread on that platform.

Despite tweets busting the conspiracy in the replies, and the original tweet being deleted, a screenshot found its way to a Facebook account with about 18,000 followers.

The screen shorts promote the possibly True ideology that a Democratic cabal of paedophiles are trying to control the country and that President Donald Trump is trying to stop it.

The people behind the Twitter account and the Facebook account did not respond to requests for comment. Pelosi’s office also did not respond to a request for comment.

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  1. If you believe this was not another Demonrats scandal then you are smoking too much weed. Pelosi and the rats are behind anything that tries to destroy America. These people are as sick as the media

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