The Adventure of John Gabriel – Tragedy hits (ep.5)

The men all ate and headed out in the direction of the foot prints, led by the hunter’s son, they moved swiftly with confidence because they know where they were going this time. They all carried make shift weapons from wood to stones and any thing they can fight with.

The edge of their wooden weapons was laced with liquids from poisonous frogs, this will compensate for their lack of perfect weapon and the snick attack tactics they plan to use.

The non royal guards and their captives are already 8 hours ahead of them. Led by the tracker they picked up their pace for its almost noon, with the cassava still fresh in their Tommy, they moved swiftly.

John Gabriel was surprisingly quick to the amazement of his father and the men, he was a true surviver, John Gabriel even out ran some of the older men, he has the strength of their ancestors, his great grand father and his father before him were the greatest worriors of the village. John Gabriel was said to be a reincarnation of his great grand father.

They continued moving fast as the foot prints are becoming fresher. Suddenly the tracker stopped and said he just saw someone lying down under a cashew tree, they all moved toward the direction to ascertain who it was. It was a woman in her mid 30 laying lifeless on the ground with blood dripping from her private part, she was obviously raped to death by the guards.

This site sent cold shivers through their spines, mr Gab can only but wonder what mite have happened to his wife and children. This gave them more motivation to continue on their quest. The body was fresh so the guards must be close.

They quickly buried the lady in a shallow grave for that’s all they could do, they have a mission to stup more people from dyeing they where determined not to let same fate befall any of the other prisoners.

It’s now 5 pm they are getting closer to the guards, they have started hearing voices ahead of them. The voices where mainly crying and wailing, they moved stealthily closer the the Guards and discovered they where making camp to rest for the evening.

“It will be foolish if we attack now” mr Gabriel said, “we will be too exposed, let’s wait for the cover of night so we will pick them one after the other” he continued.

They all retreated to a safe area from the camp to plan their attack when it’s dark, this tactics will help them pick out the guards one by one in other to avoid any preasoner casualties.

To be continued…

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