The Adventure of John Gabriel – ‘freedom at Last’ (ep.3)

Mr Gab continued his search for his family, he couldn’t find them from the distance he was, he moved closer into the camp silently and found groups of prisoners tied together to prevent them from escaping, they where children, nursing mothers and injured prisoners every where. Mr Gab was scared by the sight, he could only imagine what could have happened to his family.

Not letting what he has seen deter him, he moved quietly close to where the prisoners are kept. Mr Gab looked around for any sign of his wife and children but couldn’t find them. The soldier guarding the closest group of prisoners was fast asleep, there was a keg of palm wine beside him so he must be drunk too.

Mr Gab moved closer to one of the prisoners and asked if he has seen a tall dark woman with 3 children, two boys and a girl but the prisoner said he hasn’t seen anyone like that, Mr Gab was devastated by the news and confused on what next to do. Just as he was about to leave another prisoner from a near by group called him closer, this prisoner immediately recognised Mr Gab, he has worked in his farm before.

Mr Gab and the prisoner quickly exchange quick pleasantries, but was cut short by a guard that was attracted by the noise, Mr Gab quickly went back into hiding, the guard looked around and ordered the prisoners to keep quiet, he hanged around for some time and went back to meet the other soldiers to continue their drinking frenzy. Mr Gab quietly came back and asked the prisoner if he has seen his family, the prisoner gave a positive news that they passed through the camp with other prisoners, he also acknowledged that the soldiers that carried them where the guards of the chief of the non royal family.

Mr Gab was court between being happy and sad at the same time, the news made him happy, his family seems to be alright and in another camp not too far from the camp he is in. John Gabriel father was about to leave to go look for his family but some of the prisoners begged him to release them. Mr Gab told them he will only release them only if they will help find his family and they agreed.

John Gabriel’s father released the prisoners that were ready to leave. The rest will rather stay than face the consequences of recapture. They waited till the drunk soldiers fell asleep and they quietly sneaked out of the camp. Half a mile away from the camp, some of the prisoner couldn’t keep their promises and left the group.

Mr Gabriel and the rest of the prisoners five in number headed towards where john Gabriel was hiding, as they move closer, Mr Gab called out to his son and John Gabriel climbed down from the mango tree with a mouth full of mangoes, he hasn’t eaten for almost 24 hours and he had to help himself out. Mr Gab and the rest of the prisoners joined in the act.

After eating to their fill, they planed their move on the other camp with Mr Gab’s family. It’s already 3 am in the morning, they have to move fast or face the risk of loosing the where about of the second camp….

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